Buscar la gráfica que sustenta una historia, adaptarla, modelarla, para que sea un aporte más en la comunicación; es un ejercicio que nos encanta hacer :) Enjoy!!! 

Video of Man_os

Pequeño video realizado por Video para la expo Man_os. Estamos muy contentos ya que gracias a esta pequeñita expo hemos podido trabajar con grandes profesionales. 

Montaje y edicción: Video
Arte y dirección: Molstudio


Production of character design and signage for 4D3. Queequeg is my favorite character from Moby Dick. He is a strong, rough, coarse aborigine. However, the strength and wisdom typical of a King are part of him as well. His movements are rough but refined. He is calm but also very proud. He can be very tender. The challenge is precisely to show not only his strength but his self control and tenderness as well.

With my works I aim to reveal the body language and particular appearance of this character.